My job as your counsellor is to help you grow your self-awareness and assist you to an understanding of how difficulties might be impacting on your life and relationships. To do this, I provide a structured, confidential and reflective environment and therapeutic relationship in which we can work together to find your own ways of fully engaging, integrating and healing in your life.
Some of the experiences I work with are:

Emotional dis-regulation
Parenting Issues

The way I work is to be interested and curious about your experience in the world, to pay attention to details and to reflect this back to you as accurately as I can. Through this, there is the opportunity to begin becoming aware of how your internal and external interactions work in your day to day life and to start to make changes within these. The achievement of these changes can sometimes take time or require deep work and usually cannot be rushed.
However the investment you make now will enable you to lead a fuller life and:

– An increased and anchored sense of self worth
– More resilience and an increased ability to cope with stress or change
– Enhanced attention to meaningful work and personal relationships
– Support your unique voice and needs and to fulfil and maintain these sustainably
– Discover the ability to be more vulnerable, trusting and collaborative

The modalities I am trained in are:
Person-centred counselling and psychodynamic therapy


Registered Member with NZAC
Registered with ACC
Bachelor of Visual Arts, AUT
Masters in Information Management, Victoria (1yr)
Post-graduate Diploma in Health Sciences, Psychotherapy, AUT
Diploma in Professional Counselling, NZIPC
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award